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This resource aims to assist Aussies in tracking down the finest and most entertaining Halloween goodies to be found online.

While there are still some who feel that Halloween isn't a relevant tradition for Australians, many of us connect deeply with the historical roots of the festival. Others just love to have fun dressing up and meeting their neighbours. Whatever the justification, we hope that you have fun and stay safe this spooky season.

Halloween History

  • Halloween in Australia - You've heard the criticisms. Halloween is strictly an American tradition - right? Well, it turns out that Australia has deep links to the tradition, and its way of celebrating differs from the American flavour in many respects. Find out more here.
  • History of Halloween - Let us guide you through the origins of this fantastic ritualistic celebration, from its ancient origins as the Celtic festival of Samhain, through to All Saints Day and the roots of trick-or-treating and spooky superstitions.

Spooky Shopping

  • CostumeBox.com.au - Contains an enviable combination of popular costume items and rarer pieces - such as their hot new Addams Family range for fans of the Jenna Ortega Netflix hit Wednesday, plus items inspired by Barbie, A Nightmare of Elm Street, Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice and more. They also stock a solid range of Halloween decorations and accessories - perfect for filling your home with creepy props ahead of this year's scary season.
  • EZ Cosplay - This online costume store offers Halloween costumes, Hollywood costumes, classic costumes, cartoon costumes, accessories, masks, wigs, hats and much more for children as well as adults. Don't miss out the 20% OFF sitewide Flash sale this Halloween. Purchase by September 20 to guaranteed delivery by October 20.
  • HalloweenCostumes.com - As the name suggests, this site specialises in Halloween costumes and cosplay items. They're headquartered in the United States, but have an active presence in Australia and generally dispatch items quickly - just ensure that you order early for the best chance of receiving your items on time.
  • Halloween Party Supplies - Pressed for time and need to decorate your house, pronto? This range of outdoor and indoor Halloween decorations, party packs, photobooth props, decorative spider webs, wall decals, curtain backdrops and window decorations will have your home or office looking suitably spooky in no time - with many items able to reach you within a day or two.

Tantalising Tales

  • 6 Terrifying Short Stories - This collection of haunting short stories from the team at Ancient Theory are guaranteed to keep you up at night. Whether you wish to indulge in a short tale about Slender Man, or delve into some lesser-known freaky fiction, this is the place to be.
  • Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe - Read thrilling classics from the master of horror literature and be inspired to dream untold dreams.
  • Unsettling Urban Legends - Even more chilling material from Ancient-Theory, this collection of urban legends blur thew lines between fact and fiction, making for a particularly unsettling read. Try exchanging some of these tales at your next sleepover or Halloween party to set the right tone.
  • CreepyPasta - Widely known as the place where tales such as the Slenderman built their reputation and weaved their way into the collective unconscious, CreepyPasta is filled to the brim with short stories that will have you quivering with equal parts fear and fascination.

Ghostly Gags

  • Spook-tacular Dad Jokes for Halloween - It's hard to go wrong with a dad joke at any time of year, and this collection of one-liner jokes related to ghosts, ghouls, witches, jack-o-lanterns, zombies and vampires is sure to get your Halloween party cackling with joy!

Ghoulish Games

  • Crazy Games - Choose from a variety of exciting, free browser-based online games - each with a horror theme. The Crazy Games Halloween collection includes a couple of dozen individual titles, and since they operate within a web browser, they will run on most platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and even most Android and iOS devices.
  • Poki is home to 15 individual, browser-based Halloween games. These range from simple dress-up games, to a cemetary explorer, racing game, thumb fighter and a scary maze game, for virtually unlimited Halloween fun.

Rotten Recipes

  • 9 Healthy Halloween Recipes - The season may be horrifying, but that doesn't mean your menu needs to be. :) This creepy collection of Halloween recipes are not only fun, and guaranteed to attract a response from your party crowd, but they are designed to be healthy, too. From "Creepy Crawly Granola Bars" to "Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers" and even "Pumpkin Poltergeist Soup", you'll love the balance that these provide between being nutritious, delicious and yet scream-worthy.
  • ALL-4-FREE Seasonal Recipes - Contains a small number of creative Halloween-themed recipes, cleanly presented without fluff, making it easy to bring up the right details on your phone or tablet while you're in the kitchen preparing your spooky Halloween dishes this year.
  • BBC Good Food - Showcases a selection of truly inspiring Halloween recipes and party hints. At the time of writing, the site was home to 60 ghoulish recipes, ranging from creepy cookies and spooky sweets to devilish dinners and slithering pastry snakes.

Gory Greetings

  • American Greetings - Send a freaky personalised Halloween ecard to one of your friends or workmates today. The American Greetings range includes 54 card options, some of which are simple images, while others are animated. All include musical backing tracks to add impact to your message.

Monstrous Movies

  • Horror Film Trailers - The Film-Trailers.com website has compiled a collection of movie trailers from popular recent horror movies, to keep you on the edge of your seat in the lead-up to Halloween this year.
  • Monster Documentaries - From the huge range of free, full-length streaming documentaries that Documentary Universe has to offer, here's a collection of several focused on monsters throughout history. Monsters and Myths - Fact or Fiction? takes a particularly fascinating dive into the origins of myths surrounding dragons, unicorns, the chupacabra and several other mythical creatures, while other docos from their range explore topics such as gothic art, giant squids and the terror of mind control. Check them out.

Freaky Fonts

  • Spooky Fonts - Home to 30 moody, scene-setting freeware fonts to spice up your Halloween art. Some of these are inspired by thrilling movies, games and TV series, such as the X-Files, Quake, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Aliens and Godzilla, while others are generally creepy.
  • Fantasy Fonts - An easy-to-navigate collection of free fonts with a distinctly eerie tone. Use these medieval, gothic and historical fonts to add an evocative flavour to your Halloween event invitations, posters, crafts or website this year.

Grim Graphics & Creepy Clipart

  • Halloween-Graphics.com - A comprehensive collection of free Halloween graphics, clipart, backgrounds and other goodies. You'll find plenty of black cats crossing your path here.
  • Halloween Clipart & Graphics - Free web graphics and Halloween-related imagery for use in your emails, invitations and websites.
  • F.G. & A - Offers a range of free animated gifs - all with a spooky theme.

Scary Screensavers

  • The Holiday Spot - This site offers a selection of four free spooky screensavers. All four combine creepy imagery with evocative music to help you get into the mood this season.

Other Halloween Goodies

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